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Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support (also known as Council Tax Reduction) is a benefit to help people who are on a low income or claiming certain benefits to pay their Council Tax bill.

What is Council Tax Support?

If you're on a low income or receive certain benefits you can get help from your local council when paying your Council Tax bill – this is known as Council Tax Support or Council Tax Reduction. 

You can make a claim whether you own your home or you're renting and your employment status won't have an impact on your claim. 

How much Council Tax Support will I get?

There is no set amount of Council Tax Support. What you get depends on your circumstances and where you live. Each local council is responsible for operating its own Council Tax Support scheme so the amounts of support given across the country may vary.

Wherever you live, the amount of Council Tax Support you get depends on many factors, including:

  • your age
  • your income, including any benefits you receive 
  • your savings
  • who you live with
  • how much Council Tax you pay.

You may get more Council Tax Support if you receive a disability or carer's benefit.

If you receive the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit you may even get your Council Tax paid in full. If you don’t get Guarantee Credit but you have a low income and less than £16,000 in savings, you may still get some help.

If you're not over State Pension age, the Council Tax Support you're entitled to is worked out under 'working age scheme' rules. Check these rules with your local council. 

Am I eligible to claim Council Tax Support?

If you’re on a low income or receiving certain benefits, you might be eligible for Council Tax Support.

But whether you're eligible in your area, and what you might be eligible for, is up to your local council. Each council has their own rules so you should check what the rules are in your area.

Are you entitled to extra money?

Do you know what benefits you are entitled to? Our Benefits Calculator can help you, quickly and easily, to find out what you could be claiming.

How do I claim Council Tax Support?

As local councils run their own Council Tax Support schemes, how you make a claim might differ depending on where you live. 

But wherever you live, the first thing you'll need to do when making a claim is to contact your local council.  

Can I get more money off my Council Tax bill?

As well as Council Tax Support, there are other exemptions and discounts that might apply to you. You might be able to get money off your Council Tax bill if:

  • you live alone
  • you're a carer 
  • you or someone you live with has a severe mental impairment, such as dementia or a learning difficulty
  • there are adaptations in your home that make it suitable for someone with a disability who lives there
  • you have another person living with you who isn't your partner and is on a low income
  • your property is empty – for example, you've gone into hospital or moved into a care home
  • where you're living isn't your main residence
  • there's an issue, such as a flood, which may be covered by a discretionary discount offered by some councils.

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Last updated: Feb 06 2024

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